Plant sale

Plant sale

Throughout the year our gardeners propagate (greenhouse plants, shrubs and trees, annuals and perennials) to keep the number and diversity of plants in our collections. Surpluses are sol din the spring and autumn plan sale at affordable prices. The plants are propagated in the ‘old-fashioned’ way – we don’t use fertilizers and don’t have perfect nursery conditions so those plants never look as exuberant as those available from commercial nurseries. However, the looks can be deceptive: our plants are healthy and resistant to diseases and they will last for many years and not wither after couple of months (as is often the case with plants ‘fast’ cultivated with the aid of hormones and fertilizers designed for quick and constant profit). Our gardeners will advise how to care for the plants you buy. Surplus plants are sold on couple of selected days in spring and autumn, announced a week ahead in website, Facebook and radio shows.

Small number of special plants, such as the Velebit degenia or the carnivorous plants, will be available in the Exhibition pavilion throughout the season.

Because we are not a classic nursery, mostly selling only surpluses, we do not keep an inventory list so it is impossible to give information on which species are available (quite often just a couple of specimens of a species are offered). However, if you are interested in in common and hard-to-find plants, be free to contact us for advise!

Plant sale area is near the old Exhibition greenhouse in the north-western part of the parterre. Please do not come with a car because we have no reserved parking space, but if you plan to buy a larger number of plants (or big and heavy specimens), let us know.

2023 AUTUMN PLANT SALE is planned for late September.


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