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Within the Faculty of Science at the University of Zagreb, the Botanical Garden is a special division (sub-department) of the Department of Biology.

Since it was established, the Garden belongs to the category of university botanical gardens, primarily to serve to botanical university studies and scientific research. Today it has a broader role, with accent on life-long studies and conservation. Even though the Garden does not belong to the City of Zagreb, it servs as one of its parks since the foundation. Indeed, free entrance for the citizens was the condition under which the City counceil donated the land for its construction.

Professisonal care of the collections, scientific work, projects, education and management is carried  out by the head office members: biologists (botanists) – head manager and collection curators, with the help of senior technician and administrative officer.

Please contact us with your questions by mail, e-mail, phone or perosnally in the Botanical garden head office house (near the car entrance on the Runjaninova street, across the Ministry of culture), on working days from 8 am to 2 pm.

The Garden head office house

Former Head gardner’s house

The Garden staff

The Collections, the Garden, infrastructure and buildings are maintained by permanents garden employees; chief gardener, seven gardeners and six undergardeners, master carpenter and master blacksmith, two workers and three guards.

Head office

Dr. Vanja Stamenković

Senior collection curator
Head of the Garden

Responsibilities and field of work: deputy head manager, technical organization of work, in charge of dendrology collections in arboretum and the greenhouses, Mediterranean rockery, website and database.
Published articles – bibliography
Doctoral degree in  plant physiology (solar UV stress defence mechanisms of Degenia velebitica).

Dr. Sanja Kovačić
Senior collection curator

Responsibilities and field of work: in charge of temperate greenhouse collections, perennials collections (flower spectrum), eumediterranean rockery, fern collections, Croatian endemic plants seed ecology research. Author of more than a hundred scientific, professional and popular science articles.

Published articles – bibliography
Doctoral articles – bibliography

Dr. Dubravka Sandev
Senior collection curator

Responsibilities and field of work: in charge of succulent collections, tropical orchid and carnivorous plants collection, children’s workshops, school garden, participates in Croatian endemic plants  seed ecology research and exhibitions design.
Published articles – bibliography
Doctoral degree in  plant physiology (effect of slag on growth and physiology of common bean).


Katarina Husnjak Malovec, prof. biol.
Collection curator

Responsibilities and field of work: in charge of Croatian flora collections, exotic bulbs collection, palm collection.

Ivana Ćosić-Habulin, dipl. ing. agr.

Responsibilities: plans and overseas all gardening processes

Ljerka Šetin
Administrative officer

Responsibilities: in charge of administrative work in the Garden regarding employees, accountancy, public communication, student guides organization etc.

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