What we offer

Everyone can visit the Garden free of charge, learn something and enjoy the colours, shapes, odours and sounds (of course, abiding the Garden rules). If you would like to learn more about the Garden on your own, the information is available from this website or our publications, and for the most inquisitive we recommend a guided tour through the Garden.

Workshops, such as microscopy, photography, origami and flower petal arranging are available for preschool children and pupils (also grownups) upon request.

Postcards and souvenirs (t-shirts, bags, umbrellas, notepads, brooches etc.) are available in the Exhibition pavilion, the kiosk at the Main entrance and in the head office. During the season you can also by plant souvenirs in the Exhibition pavilion, such as endemic Velebit degenia, carnivorous plants and ferns. Other plants (surpluses from our collections, such as annuals, perennials and overgrown potted plants) are available during the spring and autumn sale.

You are free to take memory photos during the visit (usual ‘tourist’ photos), but all professional photographing and filming is possible only with permission from the Head office and charged according to the current PRICE LIST. Space rent for filming commercials, presentations, venues etc. is also available.

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