Garden rules

The Garden and all of it’s contents (plants, animals and buildings) is protected from 1971 as a Monument of nature and Garden architecture, as well as a part of the Cultural heritage of the Republic of Croatia (Zagreb’s Green or Lenuzzi horseshoe). Because the Garden is not a public park but an open-air museum,  there are regulations of conduct – the garden rules, which are displayed at all garden entrances. By entering the Garden you are accepting complete adherence to the garden rules. In case of any violation of the garden rules, you will be warn by our guards and, if necessary, asked to leave the Garden.

  • checkaccompany the children and have them under supervision at all times (the Garden is not a playground and there are many potential dangers, e.g. the ponds, shady places, basins, toxic plants etc.);
  • checkget to know the working hours prior to entering the Garden and to leave by the end of the visiting hours,,
  • checkthrow the trash only in the recycling bins (located by the pedestrian bridge in the east and near the compost area in the west of the Garden) or take it with you.
  • checktake photos for personal use (‘touristically’),
  • checkpaint with different art paints
  • checkgently touch and smell the plants,
  • checkenter with baby strollers and wheelchairs.
  • stoppick, damage, collect and steal plants, fruits, seeds and all other plant parts,
  • stopwalk outside the paths and enter rockeries,
  • stopenter with dogs and other animals, even if you are carrying them (except with certified guide-dogs for the blind),
  • stopenter with bicycles, scooters, rollers and other vehicles (all vehicles must be parked at the entrances),
  • stopengage any kind of sport and recreation activities (including jogging, yoga etc.),
  • stopsmoke and use other tobacco products, including e-cigarettes and such devices (according to Act on the Restriction of the Use of Tobacco Products, NN 44/17, Articles 3/49 and 25/1-5) as well as alcoholic drinks,
  • stopupset and catch the animals (insects, birds, frogs, lizards etc.).

The Garden rules – regulations of conduct in the Garden

Taking photos

Taking photos and filming videos by a professional, either for personal or commercial use, is not allowed without the Garden head office permission, and is charged according to the valid price list.

Call us!

For all further questions please contact the Garden head office.

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